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It's a common misconception that technical founders can't do marketing.

This is a myth that limits many startups.

And yet you have likely heard variations of this statement many times, often from smart peers.

In reality, technical founders can be the sharpest natural marketers in any team.

Founder-led marketing

As a founder, you are the most important voice in creating successful, repeatable messaging to scale your company. Whether you lead marketing for your startup or have hired an early marketing team, founders cannot afford to take a hands-off approach.

Consider the reasons founder-led marketing can be so powerful…

  • As a founder, you have the deepest understanding of your product
  • As a founder, you have a clarity and passion that drove you to build your vision
  • As a founder, you are the most important voice in creating clear messaging for your teams

You must understand what is working so you know where to invest your time and resources.

Focusing on marketing that matters

By embracing their natural advantages, the most successful founders and marketing leaders create a clear vision of the future then repeat and refine it over and over. Their company benefits from their clarity and focuses on the growth channels that reach the right customers at scale. The positive effects compound.

Marketing may seem like an uncertain journey, filled with noise and ambiguity. This can happen–at the cost of precious time and wasted investments–if your efforts are unfocused.

To understand how to grow and what marketing is effective, the most succesful founders identify the focused set of methods that reach your ideal prospective customers today and in your next stage of growth.

Building a measurable marketing system

Fortunately, there are clear steps to take to establish a measurable marketing framework that scales. My goal is to guide you through these steps on the fastest path to understanding (and measuring) what will drive your company's growth.

This approach is not one-size-fits-all and it's not simply a checklist. Together, we collaborate using my pragmatic and extensible framework to fine-tune your messaging and tailor a plan that fits your specific product and customers. In 90 days, we establish a concrete foundation so you can invest your resources with confidence.

Many startups will become great at marketing over time. It is my mission to help you make rapid progress on your path to excellence. Let's accelerate your journey today.

Bill Boulger

Marketing Ready

As a former founder and early marketing leader at a B2B startup (that eventually scaled very large and went public), I have learned many lessons about starting up and scaling.

For me, the early stages of intense building, collaboration, and experimentation are the most exciting. Even more exciting is seeing that hard work pay off as momentum builds.

I created this agency to magnify the oversized impact that innovative startups like yours can have when they succeed by helping others succeed. A key part of achieving that outcome is understanding the blend of marketing principles and technical implementation that help you find the community of customers that want the product you have created–whether they are aware of it yet or not.

As collaborative partners, I believe we can blend your passion and expertise with smart marketing principles to speed up your path to marketing excellence and long-term success as a leader.

Nothing would make me happier than playing a small part in helping you and your team bring your vision to the world.

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